Gourmet Candy with Attitude

Why Cocky Gourmet Confections?

You might be wondering why we called ourselves Cocky Gourmet Confections, well the answer is simple we create "Gourmet Candy with Attitude"!!

What do we mean by "Attitude"?

While we offer many delicious and non-traditional flavors of nut and seed brittle, we also offer most of these flavors "with Attitude". With attitude means with double the flavor or with some additional ingredient that takes the existing flavor, and in the words of Nigel Tufnel, takes it to 11. So for instance if you buy our popular Bacon Oblivion with Attitude you get more porky goodness and flavor in every bite, or if you buy our Kickin' Cayenne that tingly dance of pepper on your tongue will last much longer, or my personal favorite the Plain Jane with Attitude includes a healthy dose of Bourbon to please your taste-buds.

How We Got Started

Cocky Gourmet Confections was founded by A.J. D'Angelo in 2014.  A.J. had been making candy for friends and relatives for a few years and they would always tell him that he could sell his delicious confections so he decided to start Cocky Gourmet Confections LLC as a way to supply small batch, handmade, gourmet candy loving individuals with his unique recipes for nut and seed brittle.

We sell our delicious gourmet confections locally (Southeastern Pennsylvania) at farmers markets and craft expos, as well as online in our store. 

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Try all of our flavors we guarantee your taste-buds will thank you!!

Cocky Gourmet Confections - Gourmet Candy with Attitude!